Herbal Infusions For Your Hair

It must have to do with the temperature, because around this time of the year it always starts to itch a bit. Then I grab my herbal and beauty books and pull out my boxes of different kinds of powders (this sounds very dubious, but it isn’t!). I start poking around a bit and if something is missing I make a shopping list that many a forest witch can get along with. I just took a picture of it so you know a little bit what I’m talking about, haha!

Let’s face it, most shampoos like Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Shampoo have a very large indication of which plant, herbal, fruit and flower extracts are not included, but if we take a closer look at the ingredients list we can see that this is so little that it will only be a few drops per bottle (the later the ingredient appears in the list, the less in the end). All marketing! Why not just add these herbal goodies ourselves?

Certain flowers and herbs are known for their positive effect on the health of our hair. Below I have made a list of the herb in question with the (healing) properties behind it. There are probably many more herbs that have good properties for our hair, but below I have made a selection of the herbs that I encountered the most in my books and on the internet:

Rose powder

The organic rose powder is very caring and moisturizing for your hair, scalp and face. The powder smells like fresh roses and is lilac. The leaves contain, among other things, the essential oil of Rosa damascena Mill. roses. This also ensures that the powder is nourishing and does not dry out!


Fenugreek is known as a herb that you use as a seasoning in your dishes. But Fenugreek is also very good for your hair! I’ve even read that it can clean your hair completely. Fenugreek is full of Vitamin C, protein, iron and fiber. It strengthens your hair and the hair shaft and therefore works well against hair loss. In addition, Fenugreek works well against dandruff and itching on your scalp. It gives your hair a beautiful shine and volume! Fenugreek does smell very strong, it reminds me a bit of Indian cuisine. You gotta love that. Fenugreek is available in powder form or in its whole seeds. You could soak the seeds overnight in boiling water and then pulverize / grind them into powder.


Baheda, or it is also called bibithaki, is a fruit of a huge baheda tree. Like Amla, it is a very finely ground fruit powder. Like Amla, Baheda is rich in vitamin C. The fruit powder also contains selenium, manganese, potassium, iron and copper. The fruit contains significant amounts of triperpenoids that have an antibacterial effect. It supports hair growth and ensures that your hair remains strong and healthy. Like amla, it strengthens the hair shaft and is very effective against hair loss or thinning hair. Like Bhringraj, Baheda also works against gray hair.

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