Gynecomastia (Men)

There are several reasons why breast development can occur in men. This can occur at any age, as an infant, in puberty or in adulthood. In any case, an extensive investigation will be necessary to find out a possible cause. However, in most cases this remains unknown and we speak of idiopathic Gynecomastia.

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A correction can be obtained by liposculpture, resection of the excessive glandular tissue or by a combination of the two. If only liposculpture can be used, the scars are only half a cm in size and are placed in invisible places. When glandular tissue has to be removed behind the areola, a small scar will be made at the lower half of the areola, on the transition from areola to normal skin. If the nipple is positioned too low on the chest, a nipple lift may be required. Hereby a scar is made around the areola on the transition with normal skin.


After taking the breast dimensions and photos we will discuss which procedure is best for you. We show what you can expect from this procedure based on photos. Our patients indicate what bothers them the most and what they would prefer to see differently. In this way we can best respond to the wishes of our patients and also make clear to them whether this is possible or not.


Which Scars Can I expect?

This depends on the treatment. Liposculpture leaves 3 to 4 small, almost invisible scars of 0.5 cm. These scars are placed in the least visible places. If the glandular tissue behind the nipple needs to be removed, an incision is made on the lower edge of the areola on the border of normal skin and pink color of the areola. As a result, this scar remains somewhat less visible. A nipple lift creates a scar around the areola.

Do I have to wear a pressure vest and for how long?

A pressure vest is mandatory for 6 weeks, both during the day and at night. This special pressure vest will be provided on the day that you leave the hospital. Our lingerie specialist comes to take your measurements and provides the right pressure vest.

Are you made to sleep for these procedures?

This procedure is performed under general sleep anesthesia by a licensed physician specialist in anesthesia.

Are you afraid of sleep anesthesia?

If you are afraid of the general sleep anesthesia, we can make an appointment for you with our specialist anesthetist. He will get to know you personally and give you more information about how everything works. In this way we try to reassure our patients in every possible way, so that you can go through the surgical procedure in a more relaxed way and you only have to focus on the procedure.

How long does this operation take?

The average duration of this procedure is 2 to 3 hours.

Are you staying in the hospital after the operation?

This procedure is performed in day admission.

How long does it take to get back on my feet after the procedure?

For this procedure you have to count on average that you are unable to work for 1 week. Sporting activities may only be restarted after 6 weeks postoperatively.

Is it a painful operation?

This procedure is not painful. However, the areas where liposuction is performed can feel bruised. The pain protocol that we have specifically developed ensures that the pain is generally very well tolerated by our patients. A combination of local anesthesia during surgery and peroral painkillers after surgery ensure that our patients can recover quickly without too much pain.

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