Top 5 Foods For Effective Fat Burning

You can’t wait to read about the foods. But before we get to that, a side note. These products do not make up for a life or a day full of junk food, and therefore do not suddenly burn all the fatty things you eat. However, if you follow a healthy diet, these foods can give your body an extra boost to burn fat! So: everything in moderation, eat especially good things, and don’t expect surprising results if your daily menu consists of burgers and fries!


Another food that is full of good fats for your body. The omega-3 fatty acids in (wild) salmon ensure that your insulin sensitivity is increased, so that fat that has accumulated on the stomach will slowly disappear. In addition, a certain hormone is activated which speeds up your metabolism and makes it healthier. Salmon is delicious for grilling, poaching, eating raw or smoked and can be eaten at any time of the day!


Several studies have shown that cinnamon has an (indirect) link with losing fat. People who ate cinnamon daily had significantly more stable sugar levels and produced less insulin. Insulin is a hormone that ensures fat storage in your body and stores extra fat when your blood sugar level rises sharply. Eating cinnamon therefore ensures less insulin production, which in turn ensures that your body stores less fat! So from now on put some cinnamon in your yogurt, oatmeal, smoothie or on your fruit.


Secretly we always knew that our indispensable cup of coffee in the morning was good for something! Coffee stimulates adrenaline in your body, causing it to burn rapidly. Do drink your coffee black: milk reduces the fat-burning effect. In addition, you also have to be careful with drinking too much coffee: this can actually mess up your insulin balance and cause you to have an adverse effect. So in moderation!

Chili peppers

Substances naturally found in chillies (including capsaicin) support your body in burning calories and give your combustion system a boost. So boost your metabolism by adding chillies to your food! Think of wok dishes, omelets, salads or spicy soups.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice also boosts your metabolism and puts your digestive system to work. This sour fruit provides extra fat burning and helps your body to remove waste products. People who consume a lot of vitamin C would even burn up to 30% extra calories during a workout than people who are deficient in vitamin C! So when you wake up, drink a glass of water with lemon juice, use it in dressings and add some lemon juice to your smoothie as a seasoning.

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