Check Out 5 Tips For Hair To Grow Faster

Which woman never wanted to dare to haircut and then regretted it? Looking in the mirror and detesting the new look only makes us think of one thing: “please hair, grow fast!”

Whoever is going through this situation or feels that their hair takes too long to grow, will love our ten tips to make the hair grow faster!

Unraveling the Hair


If your hair just doesn’t grow, the first solution is to find out how long this has been happening and what is the cause, because anyone who suffers from anemia or has a lack of vitamins in the body, may have broken hair or excessive hair loss, which results in growth retardation.

If you have noticed that this happens to you, see a doctor to find out what vitamin is missing or if any treatment is needed.

To make the treatment you can talk to a nutritionist or a dermatologist , but if you have noticed that your diet is normal, go directly to the dermatologist.

Dandruff is another agent that slows down growth and is a sign that there is something wrong with your scalp. Excess sebum production can impair normal hair growth and only a dermatologist will be able to prescribe shampoo the ideal remedy to end the problem.

Another factor that we often overlook and do not even associate with the thinning of the hair is the hormonal change. If your period is very irregular (What is irregular menstruation?) , Go to the gynecologist to find out if yours is working well or if there are cysts in your ovary.

The 5 tips!

1.Find out what type of hair you have: dry, normal, oily .. It is essential to use the appropriate shampoo and condition so that the hair receives the right hydration and grows back.

2. Cutting the ends helps the hair to grow, but don’t overdo it! Make the cut to remove the split ends and do not remove more than one finger. Leave the scissors away from your hair for at least three months, as cuts made every month will delay growth!

3. Your friend’s doctor gave you an excellent vitamin capsule and are you taking it too? Watch out! You may be doing the opposite, because each person needs a certain amount of nutrients and when there is excess, your health and your hair are the ones who suffer the consequences.

4. Eat healthy, eat foods with calcium and always include fruits in your diet. The essential vitamins for hair, the B vitamins, are found in bananas, lentils, potatoes, pepper, olive oil, turkey, liver and tuna.

5. Do not overdo it in the hot bath: water at a high temperature takes away the natural protection of the thread and makes it brittle.

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